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How Your Property Tax is Calculated

A common misconception is that if your BC Assessment goes up, your property tax will ALSO go up. This isn't accurate. Your taxes increase when your elected officials increase their budget. This

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The #1 Wealth Killer

When we think about what is preventing us from getting ahead financially our thoughts tend to land on big things that seem out of our control, like the housing market, student loans, or maybe just

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Tips for Buying Real Estate in a Transitional Market

What is a Transitional Market and What Does it Mean for Your Home Search?The real estate market in Central Vancouver Island is in a transitional state, meaning it is shifting from a seller’s

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Buying A New Home? Don’t Skip the Inspection!

 When people buy brand new homes, they often assume a home inspection isn’t needed, but new doesn’t always mean perfect. It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of

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