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Central Island Investment Opportunities

John Cooper* BBA PREC

With a family history on Vancouver Island dating back to 1914, John is a passionate believer in the investment potential and unique lifestyle the isla...

With a family history on Vancouver Island dating back to 1914, John is a passionate believer in the investment potential and unique lifestyle the isla...

Oct 1 4 minutes read

In our first live video, The Most Critical Step in Selling Your Home on Vancouver Island, John reflected on the advice he most recently gave his mom when she asked for his input on selling her home, and the most critical advice any home seller could receive: always get a second opinion. 

Statistics tell us that most people use the first agent they meet. In our experience, clients who have met with more than one agent feel much more confident, educated and secure in their decision. They have a frame of reference, and can better identify outstanding service and expert advice. Commission rates are very similar across the industry, but the quality of service, knowledge and skill can be very diverse.

Here are the top 5 reasons we advise seeking out a second opinion before you commit to any agent or team. We will be expanding on these ideas throughout our video series, so make sure you follow along! 

Price Accuracy - Evaluating a home is a difficult task in this market, and extreme care is required to avoid leaving money on the table. Experience is key when it comes to pricing, and accurate pricing is absolutely essential to the success of your sale. What is the agent’s approach to pricing? 

Marketing Plan Viability - A one-size-fits-all marketing plan is not an approach that’s in a seller’s best interests, because each property has a specific place in the market. Has the agent outlined a viable marketing plan, individually tailored to your property, that applies to the current market? 

Suitability for a Business Partnership- Working with a real estate agent is a business partnership, and they should be as professional and competent as any other business partner you would engage with. Is this person a good candidate for a business partner? Is this agent or team someone you would do business with in another capacity? 

Feedback on Property Condition and Market Preparation Strategy - There are many things sellers are commonly advised to change or improve in order to prepare their property for sale, but only very specific things actually result in more money in your pocket. Is the agent experienced enough in selling properties to provide strategic advice on market readiness and preparation?

Professional Guidance Capability, Negotiation Experience and Market Knowledge - Selling your home is a major financial decision that requires the advice of a highly engaged and experienced professional. Is this person at the top of their game? Do they make professional development a priority? Do they have enough buying and selling experience in various market conditions to guide you effectively? Are they up to date on current home marketing trends?

Our advice is to take your time. You should never feel pressured or meet resistance when you tell an agent that you’d like a second opinion. The kind of professional you want to work with is one that encourages honest communication and welcomes feedback. You’ll feel much more confident with your final choice knowing you’ve asked the right questions and done your due diligence. 

The next video in the series will be live on Facebook at 2pm, Thursday February 22nd. We’ll be going into more detail about these 5 things, and touch on two other trends in the marketplace: navigating online home evaluation tools, and setting yourself up for success in a listing consultation. 

If you are looking for a second opinion, we’re always happy to help. Book a 15 minute meeting directly with John by accessing his calendar here, or get in touch with us by email or phone: [email protected] or 1-866-956-6228.

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